Avoid Farm Raised Salmon If Possible

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Farmed salmon makes up about 80% of the salmon we find in the market today.  Because the farmed salmon are confined to small pools and fed a steady diet of formulated protein, they’re larger in size.  Some would think that this equals more omega 3 and higher protein.  Therefore, I have to ask the question, “Is that a good thing?”  The answer is No! 

Creating this blog has allowed me opportunity to research things that impact my family and me.  I’ve heard many raise this question before and my interest spiked recently when watching an episode of Good Eats, with Alton Brown.  Most of the salmon that I’ve consumed was probably farm raised – gulp!  Now that I know what I know, I’ll no longer purchase salmon, unless I know it was wild.

Let me explain.  With farmed raised Salmon, you get added ingredients: dioxins, PCBs, pesticides, antibiotics, copper sulfate and Canthaxanthin.  Canthaxanthin is a used to make gray farmed fish various shades of “wild” pink.  If that is not gross enough, read on.  Usually salmon farm pools are jam packed with fish, which means there’s a lot of fish excrement floating around with the salmon and that causes parasites and disease.  Ick!  Add to these environmental factors to the added ingredients that I have listed above and I say no thanks.  We’re already subject to far too many chemically processed foods on a daily basis.  I believe what we find in the “fresh” sections of the supermarket should be made the way God made it, chemical and hormone free. 

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