Bring That Canned Soup Back To Life

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Like most of you, I barely have an extra second in the morning to prepare my lunch for the day.  During the day, I don’t get to leave to buy lunch.  Normally I find myself in the break room, quicky scraffing down whatever I was able to quickly grab before running out the door.  For awhile, I was really good about preparing myself a healthy turkey sandwhich or a salad with some sort of protein.  Now, I just search the pantry for something quick to throw into my bag, which most of the time is a can of soup.  However, I’ve figured out a way to bring my canned soup back to life – it makes the soup taste like it’s fresh off the stove.

Add a pinch of herbs

After dinner, I chop up whatever leftover fresh herbs I have and place them in a snack size resealable container (thyme, rosemary, parsley or cilantro). You could also use dried herbs as well, but fresh will give you more flavor.

Add in olive oil

Adding a tablespoon of pure olive oil to your soup adds so much flavor.  Plus, it gives you your serving of good fat for the day (which makes your hair nice and shinny).

Pepper, hold the salt

Finally, I add a pinch of black pepper.  I usually don’t add salt since most soups, even the low sodium varieties, contain more than enough salt.

Try these simple additions the next time you have canned soup; they make a world of a difference!


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