Chalkboard Spice Jars

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Chalkboard jars are popping up everywhere. Their rustic look is fun and playful. We love how this simple idea looks elegant in many forms. We have even seen uses for chalkboard items in the gardening section of big box stores such as Target. Being foodies, we have been looking for a better way of storing our spices. We have tried spice racks, but the generic spices that come with the jars weren’t meeting the purpose of a rack. Half of the spices just sat on the rack for years, untouched, while our cabinets filled up with the actual spices that we use. When we were looking for alternative storage ideas, we kept coming across chalkboard spice jars. Many times, they went straight into the cart for purchase. Then, we looked at the prices and they went back on the shelf. $10 for one jar? Are these people crazy? They cost like $2 to make. So, it was decided we were going to make them. It was easy to find the supplies and they were just as easy to make. Being patient for the paint dry was the hardest part. And since we had some extra paint leftover, we decided to experiment and also make a chalkboard honey jar. You can use a plastic or glass honey bear. Just follow the same directions as below and voila, you have a super cute honey bear to set out on your kitchen counter. It only cost you cents in material and you are giving back to mother earth by reusing – winner! Don’t give big box stores $10 per jar, make them yourself, it’s super easy.

Materials:Chalkboard Spice Jars

  • glass jars with tightly fitted lids
  • chalk board paint
  • painters tape
  • paint brush or sponge brush
  • razor blade
  • chalk


Wash jars and allow to dry overnight. Use tape to mask off jar leaving a rectangular opening in the middle. To prevent paint from seeping through the tape, create several overlapping layers. Make sure that the edges of the tape are pressed firmly onto the jar. Paint one thin layer and let dry completely. Repeat x2, allowing the paint to set overnight. Gently remove the tape; use the razor blade along the outline to clean up any areas that are rough. Cover the chalkboard paint with chalk then wipe off with an eraser, this will set the chalkboard. Fill your jars with your favorite spice and write the name in chalk.


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