Cooking With Candy

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Does your home feel like it’s overflowing with leftover Halloween candy?  What’s one to do?  Try something a little different - Candy Cooking!  Yup, that’s right, you can cook and bake with your leftover Halloween candy.  Counting calories?  You can still have some candy cooking fun and bring your creations to work for others to enjoy.  You’ll be everyone’s best friend…at least for one day. 

Here are some creative ways to incorporate your leftover Halloween candy into everyday foods:Halloween Candy

  1. Chop up those candy bars and insert them into your cupcake or cake mix for an extra sweet delight
  2. Turn your kitchen into an ice cream parlor – sprinkle the smaller candy or crushed candy bars on top of a bowl of ice cream or blend them into your milkshake
  3. Deep fry those mini candy bars for a bite-sized treat
  4. On buttered toast, grate your favorite fruit flavored gummy treats instead of using jam or jelly
  5. Pair dark chocolate bars with a bottle of red wine after a long day at work
  6. Use a food professor to chop up those fun sized candy bars and add them to your favorite cereal for a fun late night snack.  Or add them to nuts to create your own trail mix
  7. Remove the chocolate from butterfingers and melt down the peanut butter part with a small amount of water to make a sweet glaze for carrots (add a pinch of salt). You can do the same thing with candy corn
  8. Have a fondue party.  Instead of buying chunks of chocolate, melt down snickers, baby ruth or milky way.  Use fruits and baked treats as dippers
  9. Save some for holiday creations such as gingerbread houses, candy wreaths or edible garlands for the tree
  10. Create edible crafts – make cars and trucks with the help of a icing as glue. Use chocolate bars as the auto body and peppermints as wheels

If you have other ideas, please let us know in the comments below!


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