DIY Ribbon Backdrop

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My guide to this DIY ribbon backdrop is a perfect example of how to make something simple, elegant and fun. What’s more simple and cheap than streamer and ribbon? They’re perfect to use for parties and weddings. I made mine for a bridal shower and I loved it so much that I kept it up for a week. The bride liked it so much that she asked me to box it up for her and she ended up using it as a back drop for the DJ stand at her wedding. I love how stunning this project turned out. It saved me a ton of time and money and I didn’t have to use those generic party store decorations. I had something unique that no one at the party had ever seen before.


1. DIY Ribbon BackdropPaper Streamer and Ribbon. Mix and match colors and textures. Streamer is really cheap, so make the bulk of your backdrop with your streamer. They come in a million colors. Enhance the backdrop with playful ribbon. Buy a combination of thick and thin pieces, ranging in different colors and textures that will match your theme. You will need about 50-75 pieces depending on how thick you want your ribbon backdrop.

2. Kitchen twine, clothes line wire, a curtain rod or wood rod. You will need this to tie up your ribbon and streamer pieces. I used a combination of a curtain rod and kitchen twine. I set up my backdrop in front of a sliding glass door with an existing curtain rod. I removed the curtains and also tied twine from one need to the other. I did this so I can work on it while I was sitting up and just tied up the finish project – plus I had a feeling that the bride would want it. You can just choose one of the options.


Measure the area in which you choose to hang your backdrop. Cut one ribbon accordingly to your desired length. You want the backdrop to touch the floor and you also want to allow for about 2 inches for tying. I did 8 foot pieces. Alternating colors and textures, tie ribbon pieces your platform. See simple and elegant.


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