DIY Fruit Arrangements

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Edible arrangements are super cute, but have you checked our their pricing?  Hello – $70, really?  It’s just fruit on a stick!

I know we all love sending and receiving these tasty arrangements, but save yourself some money. I got you covered - I have a quick and easy way to show you how to make your own fruit arrangement. It’s so much more personal to give something you made yourself versus two clicks of a mouse to order online.  Whether it’s a gift or a centerpiece at the holiday party, I promise everyone will be dazzled over your talent.

** During the experiment phase in the recipe, I skewered and froze the fruit to prep ahead of time. I do not recommend this. As the fruit thawed, they weep and didn’t taste so yummy. If you plan to prep ahead of time, wrap them lightly in paper towel and then cling wrap and refrigerate.

Directions: Do it yourself fruit arrangements


1 watermelon, halved (depending on how big you want your arrangement will determine what size watermelon to get. 10-15 skewers – small. 15-25 skewers – medium and 25+ – large

The watermelon will give off a lot of juice. On the half being used as a base, place paper towel down over the exposed half to soak up the extra juice. Keep doing until you can lightly press on the exposed area without juice rising to the surface.  Trim the rine of the opposite side of your base to create a flat stable surface.


Bamboo skewers (you can get short or tall or a combination of both) with one pointed edge.


  • Watermelon (using the other half from the base)
  • Cantaloupe
  • Honey dew
  • Pineapple – cubed
  • Strawberries – small
  • Blackberries – large
  • Grapes – large
  • Raspberries (red or golden)

Use a melon baller to ball out some of your melons. If you wish to make shapes, cut part of the melon into planks and use sharp cookie cutters for whatever shapes work for your arrangement. You can so the same with the pineapple. Rinse berries and grapes and allow to dry thoroughly.

Skewer fruit in the order that suits your arrangement. Start with your top fruit and slide it up through the pointed end of the skewer. Pull the fruit up enough to cover the top part of the skewer. Make sure to leave room at the bottom of the skewer to push into the melon base. Serve on a platter to catch any drippings.


There are a million ways to garnish your fruit arrangements. You can add in a caramel or chocolate dipping sauce. You can even dip some berries in chocolate and allow them to set up before adding to your skewer.

For this holiday season use ornaments, fake holly berries, gingerbread men, candy to garnish.

Now use that $70 to go and buy yourself a new pair of red heels for that little black dress your just bought.  :)

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