Our New Year’s Resolution

Many ring in the New Year with a resolution to lose weight and get healthy. Those herculean efforts of working out and sticking to a diet result in better self-image and confidence. We strongly support those who choose to better their lives through smart eating habits.

Last year, CookingShorts rode the wave of a healthier lifestyle. We learned a lot in the kitchen and had some amazing successes. However, this year we plan to do something a little different. As we will still continue to provide our following with healthy and delicious recipes, we have decided to make a resolution to spend 2013 eating. That’s right, our resolution is to EAT! We plan to eat our way through Northern Virginia’s Top 50 Restaurants of 2012.

New Year's ResolutionIn 2013 you can expect to see a new and improved look from us:

  • Frequent restaurant reviews
  • More live video demonstrations
  • More foodie event coverage
  • Guest bloggers and recipes

We want to thank you again for all your love and support. Do you have ideas? Restaurant recommendations? Recipe suggestions? We wanna hear from you, so emails us your thoughts – cookingshorts@gmail.com.




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