Willow Egg Tree

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Willow Egg TreeFor my Easter centerpiece this year, I really wanted something different to add to my table. I’ve always loved those gorgeous Easter egg trees that Pier 1 has on display. They’re always so amazing, but they are kind of pricy and never in the color palate that I would need for my dining room. I was really considering just buying one because they’re so adorable. However, I didn’t give in. Once I got a good look at them, I thought to myself … why spend $40; I can make this and get exactly what I want. So I made one and I love the way it turned out. You really should try this for yourself. Craft stores Michaels and AC Moore have all the products you need and you can make this project for less than $10. I used faux brown/yellow eggs for my tree because I really loved the natural look but you can choose whatever you like. You can even design your own Easter eggs by buying plain paper mache or plastic eyes. You can use stickers or paint to decorate the eggs. This truly is a really fun DIY project. I hope you enjoy.

Easter Willow SuppliesMaterials:

  • 1 medium tin can – I used a coffee tin can
  • 1 can of white flat spray paint
  • 1 bundle of branches – I used standard twigs but choose ones that have stubs and nubs to catch the ribbon for hanging. You can even pick some sticks up from your yard to use.
  • hot glue gun
  • 12-15 faux brown/yellow eggs
  • alphabet stickers
  • Spanish moss
  • floral foam
  • thin ribbon


Cover a flat outdoor area with newspaper. Spray an even coat of white paint on all sides of the tin can. Allow to dry for about 4 hours. Check the tin can to touch up any missing spots and allow to dry overnight. Cut enough ribbon pieces for each egg. Allow each ribbon piece to be a different length to add body to your tree. Create a loop with each ribbon piece and glue ribbon to the top center of each egg; it should look like an ornament if done properly. Use stickers to create a special message on the tin can. Since the centerpiece will be used for our Easter dinner, we went with Happy Easter. Choose whatever message fits your occasion, this step is optional. You could also use pretty ribbon to decorate then tin can as well. Place floral foam inside the painted tin can. Arrange branches / twigs to resemble a tree. Make sure all sides are even. Use the Spanish moss as filler, tucking small handfuls inside the can. Try to play around with the moss to pull pieces in between branches. Finish by hanging your eggs on the branches.


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