Foster’s Lobsta Palooza

Lobster just might be that perfect food. At least in my (Jason’s) mind. The giant red crustacean, found in cold waters, looks like a creature from another world, not something you’d yearn to devour. But it yields the most sweet, succulent, holy-cow-that’s-good meat. And it can be cooked and presented in a variety of ways, not just steamed on a platter (although, there’s nothing wrong with that!) – lobster rolls, lobster bisque, even lobster mac-n-cheese come to mind.

I’ve traveled to Maine, Bar Harbor to be exact, to taste authentic, fresh from the water Maine lobster. And I must tell you, there’s nothing quite like it. You simply can’t beat the freshness and flavor, period. If you haven’t traveled to Maine, stop reading this post, get in your car and start driving. Or if you have the means, book the next flight to Bangor or Portland (save me a bag of peanuts, will ya?). Better yet, finish reading my post first. You might not to travel that far for some good tasting lobster.

Given I’m a lover of lobster, I was beyond excited to hear about Foster’s Lobsta Palooza! CookingShorts traveled to National Harbor to see what this Lobsta Palooza was all about:

CookingShorts thanks Foster’s for inviting us to their Lobsta Palooza (; it was a fantastic event. And not having to drive up the coast to Maine to eat pounds of lobster was an added bonus.



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