Passion Fish – Northern Virginia Magazine’s Top 50 Restaurants

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Tinsley’s Take

Reston Town Center is probably one of my favorite places to dine and shop in Northern Virginia. Maybe I’m bias because I work within walking distance and it’s a quick drive for us on the weekends. This growing area is full of incredible restaurants, boutique shopping and beautiful buildings. It’s the perfect location for Passion Fish, #48 on Northern Virginia Magazine’s Top 50 Restaurants 2012 list.

Out of all the seafood restaurants that we have tried so far, Passion fish hits it out of the ballpark for me. Their seasonal menu celebrates the flavors of the World’s Oceans, and they proudly support local farms (which I love). The best item on their menu is their Red Thai Curry Lobster Claypot. The lobster is perfectly cooked in a creamy red curry broth. and it offers the perfect amount of heat paired with sweet pineapple and jasmine rice. The downside to this dish is that it’s expensive, $45, but totally worth every penny.

If you are a lover of sushi, you have to try their Tuna Tempura Roll. They roll spicy tuna and avocado in rice, batter it , deep fry, and serve it with a killer sauce. Once a month during the summer, I will treat myself to lunch at Passion Fish. I request to sit on the patio and I order this roll with a side salad. This makes for the perfect afternoon break!

I would definitely recommend this restaurant. Overall, I give Passion Fish a 3 out of 5.

Jason’s Judgement

When Passion Fish first opened, we gave it a shot, but I left disappointed. While the atmosphere and decor was pleasing, I couldn’t say the same about my food. When it was served, everything on my plate was this orange/brown color, which I found off-putting. While Tinsley frequents Passion Fish more regularly than me given her office location, we tried it again as a couple for the purpose of this review.

So was round two for me any better? Yes and no. Food wise, it was much better. My simple green salad and crab cakes were delightful and delicious. The ambiance remained the same, except their beautiful bar was much more crowded this time around, yielding quite a bit of white noise.

Service was lacking during our review visit. Our waiter spoke softly and seemed uninterested in attending to us. Perhaps now I’m the service stickler, a title typically reserved for Tinsley, but service can make or break your overall experience. While it wasn’t poor service, it wasn’t great service.

I’d still recommend Passion Fish if you’re one of the few who haven’t yet tried it. But I wouldn’t recommend it as the best-ever place to dine.

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