Summer is here! Let’s go to Duck, NC (OBX)

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At first, I wasn’t attracted to the Outer Banks (OBX) beach scene. Maybe it was because I really didn’t grow up traveling down to the Outer Banks for family vacations. Maybe it’s because I prefer the crystal clear waters of the Duck Sunrise by Jason Stricker PhotographyCaribbean.  Jason, however, spent much of his childhood summers vacationing in OBX. For the first time last year, Jason and I made our way to this popular beach destination for a long weekend. Jason, who was already a fan, made me see what I had been missing. I feel in love with the area and we decided to make our way back several times to write a blog about our OBX food experiences.

As this will start off as a small review, hopefully over time it will grow. As the OBX is such a popular place to visit for so many, please feel free to comment below with your favorite’s places to grub.

When we think about the beach there are three food categories that we look forward to enjoying: Seafood, Pizza, Ice Cream.

Slice Pizzeria:

As we have mentioned in several other reviews, we LOVE Pizza and always try to find the best place to get a pie when we travel. Slice Pizzeria is one of, if not the best pizza joints in OBX. They have a fabulous slice bar with a huge selection or ‘gourmet’ slices. Pick your favorite and mix it up to create your own tasting. We recommend you try their baked ziti slice. If you are a lover of pasta and pizza, then you’ll savor every bite of this thick, delicious pizza. It’s got gooey mozzarella cheese, sweet ricotta, homemade tomato sauce, imported parmesan cheese and fresh parsley. I wonder if they deliver to the Washington DC metro area because I am craving a slice right now! Seriously, check them out and let them know that sent you.

Red Sky Cafe:

We found this super cute cafe in downtown Duck. I love going into restaurants to find people that don’t take themselves seriously. Red sky cafe has a very chill, laid back atmosphere with a vibe that fits the non-serious bill. They focus their attention on what they should, the food. The chef makes his way around the island every morning to hand select fresh fish and produce for the ever-changing menu. He likes to keep everything simple and fresh, which we like. When available, the steak and cheese sub with onion rings is my favorite and out of this world.

Red Sky Cafe also offers a really awesome service called Chef’s on Call. Say you have a large group renting a beach house. Sometimes it is almost impossible to get everyone into a restaurant. With Chef’s on Call, Red Sky Cafe brings the restaurant to you. You work with the chefs to design a menu that will fit your groups’ wishes and Red Sky Cafe comes to your home and prepares it. The service makes me you feel like you have a personal chef for the evening.  How rock star is that?

Flying Fish Cafe:

We came across this restaurant by accident and we were happy that we did. We actually had reservations at Kelly’s but after waiting an hour into our scheduled dinner, we left in search of something else. Flying Fish Cafe is a romantic, cozy cafe with an intimate atmosphere. The menu is classic and sophisticated and the owner likes to interact with guests. We watched as the owner made his way from table to table, sharing stories about food and travel. I love that stopped and talked to those he didn’t even know. We recommend Flying Fish Cafe if you’re looking for a couple’s adult night with a sexy menu. Because this hot stop’s menu of fresh salads, warm pasta and fresh fish changes daily, it’s hard to recommend items for the menu. Check out their website for a $15 coupon for first time customers. Let us know what romantic dish you enjoyed.


We recently had a family vacation to OBX to celebrate my nieces 10th birthday. As we picked this restaurant, we were nervous about having two kids melt down as we waited for our large order. We were excited to find that this was the perfect family friendly restaurant to celebrate my niece’s special day. What we loved about Henry’s was the southern hospitality that they brought to our table; they were so kind and accommodating. They made us feel like we were at home by anticipating our needs. Henry’s is popular among families and it was nice to know that the kids could be a little loud without disrupting others. What was especially nice was the manager on duty allowed us to bring a in homemade cake to sing happy birthday. They were happy to help us cut the cake and provided plates and forks for no additional cost; we were pleasantly surprised. The super sweet waitress deserved the BIG tip we left her.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Here are some other restraunts that have incredible service, use fresh ingredients and can only be found in the OBX. Try them if you get the chance.

    Blue Moon Beach Grill – Mile post 13 in Nags Head. The atmosphere is awesome very open and modern. Large bar area with 3 flat screens, local brews and the standard. The food was incredible. If you just want an appetizer get the pulled pork nachos…yep is sounds weird but in wonderful. Fresh fried tortilla chips topped with pulled pork black beans, fresh slasa and lettuce with the perfect touch of lemon and lime. The sangria is to die for and well I basically wanted to eat everything on the menu. My husband had “the best soft shell crab sandwich in his life” and I had a portabello,zuchini,spinach,mozzarella balsalmic glaze sandwich of my dreams. Enough said! Go there. Oh and the Owner is the chef!

    The Good Life Cafe- bakery,local winery, fabulous made to order breakfast,specialty sandwiches and salads for lunch and dinner you just want to keep eating more because it just tastes so good.

    The Blue Point
    Located in Duck this is the place to go for a nice dinner with your better half. The restraunt over looks the sound and the menu changes daily and seasonally. I can’t ever remember going to out to eat and having an appetizer,soup, salad, entree and dessert and feeling just right at the end of the meal. Not stuffed not hungry just completely and totally satified. They make their own ice cream and sorbet so if if you just want to stop in for that it is worth the trip.

    These are 3 place Brendan and I always go when we are in the OBX. Now hopefully you can too.

  2. Kelly says:

    When I was in OBX for beach week, my group went to a place called “Tale of the Whale” in Nagshead. Mostly seafood, but there were some other dishes for people who don’t like seafood. I honestly don’t remember what I got, but I know I enjoyed it. :)

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