The Wine Kitchen – Northern Virginia Magazine’s Top 50 Restaurants

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Tinsley’s Take

In the heart of downtown Leesburg is where you will find #24 on Northern Virginia’s Top 50 Restaurants of 2012, The Wine Kitchen. This unique little restaurant serves up a dose of rustic charm that fits in perfectly with Leesburg’s historic district. This farm table bistro is not only super cute, but the food is top notch. It’s not uncommon to find us hanging out on a Sunday afternoon, relaxing at the bar over a glass of wine, and indulging on their menu.

The Wine Kitchen's Croque MonsieurI have tried almost everything that The Wine Kitchen has to offer and I honestly think that their menu is nothing short of  amazing. You can tell the chef puts passion into everything that comes out of their kitchen. By far, my favorite dish is actually a sandwich, well a gourmet sandwich I should say. Their croque monsieur – which is the French’s play on a ham and cheese – is to die for. I literately crave this cheesy, buttery sammy. I know what you are thinking; can a ham and cheese sandwich be that good? YES, it can! They select the perfect brioche to soak up the butter and crisp the sandwich. The gruyere cheese perfectly melts over their farm fresh ham. This sandwich is guaranteed to excite anyone’s taste buds.

And let’s not forget about the wine! You won’t find the typical, mass produced wines that your local supermarket carries, which is a good thing. They offer a nice blend of rare and unique wines from Bordeaux, Tuscany, Napa, among others. I’d suggest trying one of their wine flights, which offers a few tastings of similar wines – it’s a great way to discover a new favorite!

I personally love this restaurant so much that my husband planned my surprise 30th birthday party here. This, unfortunately, was the one and only time we had a poor experience. My girlfriends had purchased cupcakes from my favorite bakery and brought them for dessert. One of the owners was not happy about this and wouldn’t allow my girlfriends to serve the cupcakes. I found that to be a little petty considering that we were celebrating a very special occasion and spending a pretty penny on food and alcohol.

In spite of that circumstance, I still highly recommend the restaurant, and give The Wine Kitchen 3 out of 5 for their great food and rustic charm.


Jason’s Judgement

As a small, rustic restaurant, The Wine Kitchen offers an inviting atmosphere in charming, historic Leesburg. Tinsley and I have been going to The Wine Kitchen since they first opened their doors and the majority of our experiences have been quite pleasing. We’ve also taken several friends and family to The Wine Kitchen and occasionally enjoy live entertainment on Sundays. While Tinsley’s palette is far more adventurous, I tend to find one or two options on the menu, try them, and stick with them visit after visit. Each time we dine at The Wine Kitchen, I get the mac and cheese to start, followed by the croque monsieur. To some, that might sound too simplistic or boring, but not to me. Many times other new menu additions or specials catch my eye, but so far I haven’t been able to pass on ‘my usual’. With news of more locations coming soon, I look forward to future visits with family and friends. And for those keeping score, I give The Wine Kitchen 3.5 out of 5.




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