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Cider and Cinnamon Glazed Ham

The glorious, beloved holiday ham. It’s the centerpiece to a feast surrounded by comfort foods, classic drinks and, most importantly, family and friends. Every year, we work hard to re-invent the holiday ham to make it new and exciting. We have sort of become the “Piggy King and Queen” among our group of loved ones. [...]

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Strawberry Glazed Spiral Ham

Sticky, fruity, deliciousness is the best way to describe this knock-out glazed ham. During the holiday season, we stock up and buy ham on sale to stick in the freezer. We love having it on hand because it’s really the perfect meat to feed a crowd. It’s a protein that you can either dress up [...]

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Figgy Glazed Piggy

The star of many Easter dinners is a roasted leg of lamb. Other popular choices are ham and turkey. We like to make Easter Sunday simple and recommend buying a pre-cooked Honey or Brown Sugar Ham from your local market. All you have to do is move it from your fridge to the oven. By the time your side dishes are finished, your ham will be warm and ready to serve. The ham would be delicious as is, but we love to add an additional layer of flavor by basting on a thick fruit-based glaze.

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