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Loaded Potato Bites

The potato. This starchy veggie can be made a million different ways and is readily consumed worldwide. We all have our favorites, be it mashed, baked or fried. Here’s a fun way to serve up starch at your cook out or pot luck. Not only are they adorable, delicious and easy to eat, they’ll easily [...]

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Potatoes and Sprouts

Autumn is here and we’re beginning to look for those warm and comforting dishes. This side is sure to fit the bill and would be an excellent match to our Apple Jack Chicken. The hearty brussel sprouts paired with potatoes are a perfect match. You could even make this side with a sweet potato instead [...]

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Autumn Vegetable Medley

Sometimes we just need to veg out, literally! Have you ever craved a big bowl of veggies? Maybe after a day of just eating junk food? Yeah, us too and this recipe is perfect for one of those times. This recipe would also be a nice side dish for Thanksgiving.

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